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Podrun Yarn

POD better flexibility and high elongation, spinnability better, the staple fiber can be easily processed into cotton yarn and wool spinning equipment. POD yarn can be used not only for fabric production but also as a non-woven base fabric for industrial applications.



  Yarn count Yarn count Yarn count Yarn count Yarn count
Test items 20s/1 20s/2 20s/3 23s/1 23s/2
Strong yarn(c/N) ≥600 ≥1300 ≥2000 ≥500 ≥1100
Test items 30s/1 30s/2 32s/1 32s/2 50s/1
Strong yarn(c/N) ≥400 ≥900 ≥380 ≥850 ≥200


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