6’’-16’’ Large-Diameter Electromagnetic Pulse Valves

  • Specially developed for the rotary blowing technology.
  • Advanced testing devices are provided.
  • Great flow capacity, small pressure loss, great blowing performance and long lifespan.
  • Complete specifications.Two structures for choices: one with a pulse valve body and the other without.
  • Great switching performance, reducing unnecessary air loss and cutting down the operating costs.
  • Large valve diaphragm components of different models may be customized.Larger valves can be used as substitutes for imported products, lifetime maintenance provided.
  • For each large valve, a pressure test was done and a test curve chart attached.

Type Definition  


No. Type Specification Nominal Diameter Diaphragm Blowing Capacity (0.1Mpa, 200ms)(under standard conditions)
1 DMF-N-150mm(6’’) 150 3 1.6NM3
2 DMF-N-200mm(8’’) 200 3 2NM3
3 DMF-N-250mm(10’’) 250 3 2.4NM3
4 DMF-N-300mm(12’’) 300 3 2.7NM3
5 DMF-N-350mm(14’’) 350 3 3.1NM3
6 DMF-N-400mm(16’’) 400 3 3.5NM3

Technical Data

Operating Pressure 0.08MPa-0.15MPa
Air Source Medium Clean Air
Protection Grade IP65
Voltage DC24V, AC220, AC110V
Temperature -25℃-120℃
Ambient Temperature -10℃-50℃
Diaphragm Lifespan One million blows or 3 years

R&D History

  • The company has began to develop large 6’’-16’’ valves since 2005;
  • Trial production in 2006;
  • Mass production in 2008.


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