General-Purpose Industrial Membranes

Our membranes are designed for medium size commercial application, they are the core parts of commerical water machines and pure water systems which are widely used at hospital, school, factory and laboratory.



1、Product Description
Industrial grade polyamide composite membranes, they are suitable for salt rejection treatment of surface water, groundwater, tap water and municipal water. Features of FES-I series membrane are low-pressure operation, high water production and good performance of salt-rejection.
FES-I  series membrane mainly used for industrial water supply systems, including all kinds of sizes of industry pure water supply, power plants, and boiler feed water etc. They can also be used for treatment of brackish water such as wastewater of high concentration of salt, or wastewater of drink water manufacturing industry, etc. In addition, it has a very high performance of removing soluble salts, especially suitable for the preparation of supreme-pure water for electronic, electrical industry.

2、Specifications & Performance

Model FES-I1 FES-I2
Performance Stable salt rejection 99 99
Minimum salt rejection 97 97
Average permeate flow GPD(m³/d) 350(1.3) 780(2.8)
Effective area of membrane ft2(m2) 13(1.2) 28(2.6)
Tseting condition Testing pressure                        225pai(1.5Mpa)                      225pai(1.5Mpa)
Testing temperature                               25℃                                 25℃
Concentration of testing solution (NaCl)                         2000ppm                          2000ppm
PH value of testing solution                              7.5                                 7.5
Recovery rate of single membrane element                              15%                                 15%
Maximum operating condition Max operating pressure                600psi(4.2Mpa)                      600psi(4.2Mpa)
Max feedwater temperature                             45℃                              45℃
Max SDI of feedwater                              5                                5
Max concentration of free chlorine                          <0.1ppm                             <0.1ppm
PH value range of continual feedwater                           3~10                             3~10
PH value range of income water when chemical cleaning                            2~12                              2~12
The maximum pressure drop of single membrane                      15psi(0.1Mpa)                       15psi(0.1Mpa)

3, Related Information
①For the recommended design range, if the user did not strictly follow the operating conditions provided by us, we will not bear all the consequences arising therefrom.
② The produced water amount listed in the table is an average value, compare with the standard value, the difference of the minimum amount of water produced by a single membrane does not exceed ± 15%.
③ All wet membrane undergo rigorous factory inspection, and use specific protective solution and vacuum-packed, then stored in strong cartons. In order to prevent growth of microorganisms during short-term storage, transport and the system standby, we recommend preparation protective solution by RO membrane produced water, then immerse membrane.
④ When new membranes run, the produced water of at least the first hour has to be discharged out.


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