Wood Dust Collector

Wood Dust Collector is used primarily to collect dust produced during wood processing. It can also be used to capture light weight, non abrasive material such a cashew peeling etc. Dust such as wood chips& saw dust in the work shop creates significant health hazards and using a wood dust collector is a great way to minimize it.
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1.Tangential inlet for better cyclone effect 2.Cost effective dust collectors 3.Innovative, sleek in construction 4.24×7 continuous operation 5.Maintenance free blower


Model Name Power (KW) Airflow (m3/Hr) Filter Surface Area (m2) Dimension LxBxH (m) Filter Cleaning Collection Capacity (Liters) Location
FM-WC-1 2.2 1950 1.9 1.9×1.0×2.4 Manual 300 Indoor
FM-WC-2 3.7 2800 2.0 2.0×1.1×2.7 Manual 300 Indoor
FM-WC-3 5.5 3500 2.5 2.1×1.2×3.1 Manual 350 Indoor
FM-WC-4 3.7 4500 2.7 2.1×1.3×3.3 Manual 350 Indoor


  • Circular Saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Compound Saw
  • Band Saw
  • Drill Press Scroll Saw
  • Disc Sander Drum Sander
  • Spindle Sander Jointers
  • Shapers Planners
  • etc.


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