GM High-concentration Pulverized Coal Bag Collector


Main Characteristics:

  • High dust collecting efficiency. The collector can directly collect dust from gas with dust concentration of thousands of grams to tens of thousands of grams per m3. The emission concentration is far lower than the national standard, thus multistage dust collection is replaced by a stage of dust collection, simplifying the process, reducing energy consumption.
    ●Strong deashing ability. Nitrogen or compressed air is considered as gas source, and the efficient and low-consumption pulse deashing device is adopted. Only using 0.15-0.25 Mpa deashing pressure can satisfy injection pressure of 6m long filter bag, accounting for 1/3-1/4 of that of the common filter. The bag length is more 2-3 times than that of the common pulse filter. The quantity of pulse valves is greatly reduced. In addition, due to strong deashing capability and thinner dust layer of the filter bag, so it still can maintain lower equipment resistance in the condition of high dust concentration.
    ●Convenient to repair and change the filter bag. In the unique design for the bag mouth, the compressing device of the filter bag is cancelled, for the purpose of rapid loading and unloading. Uncovering-type bag replacement reduces direct contact between working personnel and dust. Due to less pulse valves and low ash discharge pressure, the failure rate of the pulse valve is lowered, and the maintenance workload is reduced.
    ●Anti-explosion and explosion-venting capability. By selecting antistatic filter material and specially designing the box of dust collector, the collector has the capability of anti-explosion and explosion-venting.
    ●Perfect automatic control system. The PLC is considered as the core of the microcomputer control system, detects and controls the parameters of the deashing and dust collecting system of a dust collector, including temperature, pressure, flow, etc. The control system also has strong anti-interference capability and environmental adaptability.

Operating Principle:

Airflow containing pulverized coal enters from the middle box bottom, and moves upwards because of the action of the buffer zone. After decelerating, airflow reaches the filter bag, and pulverized coal is blocked and stays on the bag. Clean gas enters into the box body through the mouth, and is discharged from the air outlet. With the increase of dust holding capacity, equipment resistance rises gradually. When the resistance reaches a set value, the system starts deashing.

The deashing mode can be divided into online or offline pulse injection. Compressed air is discharged from the pulse valve instantaneously, and is injected into the filter bag through the nozzle on the injection pipe. The accumulated dust on the outer wall of the filter bag falls into the hopper by strong impact force, so as to maintain good permeability of the filter bag.

GM high-concentration pulverized coal bag collector is a series of products jointly developed by our factory and the Safety & Environmental Protection Research Institute of the State Bureau of Metallurgical Industry, based on major technological achievements of “the Eighth Five-Year Plan”. Unlike the common bag filter, the device is specifically developed for preparation and transport of pulverized coal as well as separation of other high-concentration powdery material. Various new technologies are adopted in terms of injection technology, structure of the collector, filter material, deashing control, etc., so the device can handle soot and gas with high dust concentration, and have the capability of anti-explosion and explosion venting. It can be widely applied in pulverized coal production of the industries such as metallurgy, electric power, building material and chemical industry, also in purification of exhaust gas with high dust concentration.

The equipment is divided into two series. GMZ series is used for dust collection of the pulverized coal preparation system, and GMP series is used for recycling pulverized coal conveyed by the pneumatic system.


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