Polymer Preparation Unit

Dissolving and dosingsystem is a key factor to save the cost of sludge treatment!

With many years ofsuccessful experience in water treatment industries, we have developed theHPL3 series dry-powder preparation and dosing equipment dedicated forpreparing, storing, and dosing the powder and liquids. Serving as flocculatingagent or other powder can be prepared continuously and automatically incompliance with the required concentration. In addition, the continuousmeasurement of dosing of the prepared solution is available during theindustrial process.


Basic Composition

1 set of three tankdevices- preparation, maturing and storage units, standard material adoptstainless steel, polypropylene (PP) material can also be adopted.

1 set of powder feedingdevice: screw conveyor, hopper, dosage is controlled by frequency conversion.

1 set of wetting device:wetting funnel and related connecting accessories for thinning and wettingpowder.

1 sets of water inletsystem: Flow meter and electromagnetic valve can automatically control theinlet water.

1 sets of controlcabinet: for the whole system, optional automatic powder feeding system.


A combination of threetanks contributes to the continuous preparation process, easy operation,convenient maintenance, and the great reduction of labor cost. The machineoperation is safe and reliable, with automatic protection and alarm function.The material has good corrosion resistance, and parts in contact with themedium all adopt the stainless steel material. Liquid solubility can bearbitrarily adjusted according to the actual demand. (generally 0.05% – 0.5%)with heating function, which can effectively avoid the wet powder agglomerationor deterioration. The machine can be automaticly intermittent and stopcross-mixing with standby time, so the mixing liquid level sensor (can senselow, medium and high level)automatic powder conveying system(optional).


Municipal sewage andindutrial wastewater flocculation preparing.

Sludge dewateringtreatment sector

Water plants usingsurface water as water source


Low maintenancerequirement

Improving operationefficiency

Low polymer consumption

Technical Data

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