Right-Angle Electromagnetic Pulse Valves And Pulse Valves

DMF-Z electromagnetic pulse valves are right-angle valves. The inclined angle between its air inlet and air outlet is 90°. They are suitable for connecting air tank with blowing tubes for bag filters. With a smooth air flow, they can provide efficient dust-cleaning air pulse.


Type Definition


Type DMF-Z-20 DMF-Z-25 DMF-Z-40S DMF-Z-50S
Diaphragm Diameter (mm) Ø80 Ø96 Ø112 Ø160
Flow Coefficient(Kv/Cv) 17.55/20.48 26.16/30.53 45.82/53.47 61.24/71.47
Blowing Area (m2) 3.5-6 8-10 12-16 18-28
Air Inlet/Outlet Size G3/4’’G3/4’’ G1’’G1’’ G1½’’G1½’’ G2’’G2’’
Weight (kg) 0.65 0.8 1.4 2.4


Type DMF-Z-62S DMF-Z-76S DMF-Z-102S DMF-2L-B
Diaphragm Diameter (mm) Ø188 Ø202 Ø255 Ø90
Flow Coefficient(Kv/Cv) 129.26/150.85 159.95/186.66 260/303 16.95/19.78
Blowing Area (m2) 27-38 37-65 70-90 3.5-6
Air Inlet/Outlet Size G2½’’G2½’’ G3’’G3’’ G4’’G4’’ G3/4’’Ø27
Weight (kg) 3.5 4.3 7.3 0.75

Right-angle Electromagnetic Pulse Valves and Pulse Valves

Type DMF-ZF-25 DMF-ZF-40S
Diaphragm Diameter (mm) Ø96 Ø112
Flow Coefficient(Kv/Cv) 26.16/30.5 45.82/53.47
Blowing Area (m2) 8-10 12-16
Air Inlet/Outlet Size Ø34Ø34 Ø48Ø48
Weight (kg) 1 1.6


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