Vanadium And Titanium Cellular Denitration Catalyst

Brief Introduction

Cellular Shape.

Optional in 13-hole,16-hole,18-hole,20-hole,22-hole and 25-hole.

Sectional Size: 150*150mm, Length Adjustable.

Mainly made of TiO2 and V2O5.

Axial/Radical compressive strength up to 2.5/0.8Mpa, Mass ratio surface area up to 60m2/g.

Mainly apply to Boiler Flue Gas Denitration in 300-450℃ operating conditions.

The overall denitration efficiency beyond 90%, NH3 escaping lower than 1ppm, SO2 / SO3 conversion rate lower to 1%.

Storage requirements:Humidity must be lower than 30% and defendable to rain,snow,wind,sand and ash.


Item Holes Section Area(mm) Wall Thickness(mm) Opening(mm)
1 15*15 150*150 1.35 8.45
2 18*18 150*150 1.1 7.1
3 20*20 150*150 1.15 6.25
4 21*21 150*150 0.95 6.1
5 22*22 150*150 0.9 5.8
6 25*25 150*150 1.0 4.9

Manufacturing Process

Mixing Process → Curing Process → Filtration Pre-extrusion →Extrusion Process → Primary Drying → Secondary Drying → Calcination Process → Cutting Process → End Face Hardening → Packaging Process

  • Have formatted an mature and stable production process by introducing foreign advanced technology and independent research and development.
  • According to practical fuel gas condition,customized design and lectotype available.
  • After a number of debugging operation, our comprehensive production lines enable to optimize the core technologies.
  • In strict accordance with international standards,Every process is controlled rigidly by Technical Department and Quality Supervision Department.

R&D Technology

Has imported the United States NOVA 2200e automatic surface area and porosity analyzer, British Malvern MS-2000 laser particle size analyzer, catalyst compression test – electronic universal testing machine, moisture analyzer, Phenom scanning electron microscopy, plastic, catalyst activity evaluation device and other research and development testing equipment.

Established innovation center and sophisticated R&D team, we currently have 2 external experts with the State Council allowance, 6 senior engineers and 10 researchers with Master Degree.

Have built solid cooperation with Germany Steinbeis-Transfer Center, Hefei University of Technology, Xi’an Thermal Power Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry and other universities, research institutes.

By following testing on denitration catalyst’s surface shape, porosity distribution, catalyst activity, running resistance and tracking test of catalyst performance in different fields,We has created catalyst anti-clogging, anti-alkali metal poisoning and other performance enhancement technology.

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