Mobile Integrated Sludge Dewatering System

consisting of

belt press

polymer preparation/dosing system

sludge feeding pump

polymer dosing pump

cleaning water pump

air compressor

outside customized container

relevant pipelines

control cabinet

Technical data

Throughput:                                     1.9 – 50 m3/hr

Belt width:                                        300-1500 mm

Dried sludge handling capacity:       30-460kg/hr

Outlet-DS:                                        18 – 35%

Polymer consumption:                      3 – 7 kg/t DS


Open construction completely enclosed

Low-wear and low-noise operation mode due to slow running of the machinery

Continuous and fully automatic operation

Low labor costs

High DS-concentration of the products enables a reduction of disposal costs

Maintenance-friendly design

Low energy consumption


Small wastewater treatment plants

The temporary slurry centralized treatment site

Wastewater treatment plants seasonally insufficient in sludge dewatering ability

Mechanical dewatering of sludge from tunneling, drilling, and river

Test run available for dewatering of municipal and industrial sewage




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