Filter Disc Bopet

Filter disc bopet adopts stainless steel sintered felt material, with the most advanced welding technology, can be repeated using and cleaning. There are various sizes can be used to optimize the performance of new or existing systems, also can be customized according to customer requirements.


Material: stainless steel sintered felt, or other metal fibers
Outer diameters: 111mm, 178mm, 222mm, 305mm,etc
Center axle: hard, semi-hard or soft Features: excellent mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistant, uniform and stable precision, long service life, etc. Filter disc bopet design makes effective filtration area reaches the max, achieves the effective use of space and filtering device miniaturization. It also be called leaf disk filter.

Features of filter disc bopet:

  • Excellent mechanical strength ;
  • High temperature resistance;
  • Strong corrosion resistant;
  • Direct filtration, simple process, good permeability;
  • Uniform and stable precision, without revealing;
  • Good reproduction performance, easy installation;
  • High efficiency, long service life.

Application of filter disc bopet:

Mainly used in BOPET industry, it is the key component of BOPET and fiber spinning and other production equipment, suitable for fine filtration of high viscosity polymers. Leaf disk filter can efficiently remove hard and gels pollution material, can be reused and washed several times, thus reducing production costs.

Specification of filter disc bopet:

The outer diameter of the leaf member includes: 111mm, 178mm, 222mm, 305mm, center axle can be hard, semi-hard or soft, and other specifications can be customized.

Grade Outer dia.(mm) Inner dia.(mm) Thickness(mm) Filtration area(cm²)
LF-4 111 38.1 5.6~12 130
LF-5 149 38.1 270
LF-7A 177.8 47.6 400
LF-7B 177.8 63.5 370
LF-8A 222.2 47.6 660
LF-8B 222.2 63.5 630
LF-12A 304.8 63.5 129
LF-12B 304.8 85.2 123
LF-13 335 72.5 155


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