Industry Mesh

Filmedia industrial mesh is highly appreciated at compact and liquid separation in the membrane technology, industries like food/beverage, automotive, chemical and pharma areas– built a solid reputation due to their enormous diversity for industrial processes.
Customization accepted.



We are the only industrial company in the world to simultaneously manufacture and sell both textiles and chemical products for the screen-printing process. This synergy helps ensure the best quality, an extensive range and the highest performance levels in the application phase.

Specialized experience, dedicated laboratories and exclusive production technologies result in screen fabrics which, thanks to a continuously improving weaving process and proprietary finishing treatments, achieve excellent levels of performance.



Chemicals Division offers frame adhesives, mesh degreasers, photosensitive emulsions, capillary films, blockouts and fillers, and reclaim chemistry.

The innovation promoted  is aimed at offering products that are developed specifically for the different industry segments: glass, textile, Computer To Screen, ceramics and hi-end industrial applications.


We has perfected the technology of manufacturing fabrics to a high degree of precision. Every phase of the production process is carefully monitored, employing frequent in-house testing and rigorous inspection to ensure consistent quality. We have Class 10,000 Clean Rooms in accordance with UNI ISO 9001 regulations and certified to USP Class VI. Filtration is committed to creating innovative, customized solutions. Our engineers can modify fabric surfaces to enhance performance, dye to virtually any color, and create quality custom fabricated parts, in order to provide solutions to the most demanding applications.


Protection Division is a global leader manufacturer of the most advanced textiles and textile based products designed for ballistic and multi-threat protection fulfilling the most demanding requests from all Law Enforcement and Military sectors.

Our mission is to constantly update its product portfolio in close cooperation with customers, suppliers and through employing a well-equipped and comprehensive research and development department.


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