Long Arm Double Needle Sewing Machine

Long Arm Double Needle Sewing Machine used for stitching reverse filter bags.
It own the high performance below:
1. Synchronous feeding can prevent fabric slide.
2. Upper and lower shaft adopt synchronous toothed belt .
3. Knobs type disk is easy to adjust needle distance.
4. Clutch device prevent damage from overload operation.
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Optional model:

Long arm sewing machine without synchronous rotation FM-CFY-760 ,FM-CFY-960,FM-CFY-1100 long arm sewing machine with synchronous rotation FM-CFY-TB-760,FM-CFY-TB-960,FM-CFY-TB-1100

Technical parameters of Long Arm Double Needle Sewing Machine:

Power 0.37kw
Rated Voltage AC220V
Rated Frequency 50-60HZ
Dimension 1300X700X1500mm
Needle Pitch 1/2 or customized
Max. Sewing Speed 1350 stitches/min

Features of Long Arm Double Needle Sewing Machine:

  1. Suitable for sewing thick material.
  2. Suitable for sewing reversed air filter bags up to 10 meters.
  3. Suitable for sewing support ring and reinforcement.
  4. The function of synchronous feeding in both upper and lower.
  5. Working length can reach 850mm.


  1. Suitable coupling assembly design
    2.Automatic lubrication system
    3.DELTA motor
    4.Stainless steel ring die
    5.Full stainless steel feeder
    6.Full stainless steel conditioner


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