SNAP RING GROOVE / Double Bead Snap Ring / Doppelwulst Schnappring

Snap ring groove is an important part of filter bags. It isolates the clean part and dust part inside the dust collector. Therefore, the tight sealing is necessary. Our newly developed snap ring groove well-solved this problem.

Filmedia innovates and produces two kinds of grooves that can suit different material of filter bags–polyester woven cloth snap ring groove and fiberglass woven cloth snap ring groove.

Capacity: 1000 meters per day.  20000 meters in stock.

Standard size: suitable for 25mm, 30mm width snap band.

Customization accepted.


Main Advantages and Features:

  1. Ensuring the safety operation of filter bags.
    Compared with traditional needle felt groove, it has better sealing performance with deeper groove height to avoid the movement of filter bag mouth installation;
    Our snap ring groove can be sewn together with filter bag to make sure there is no filter bags falling down from the bag plate hole.
  1. Saving the costs of both workers and machines(slitting machine and sewing machine).
    Our finished products can be used directly. It can save the cost in labor and machines when comparing with the traditional needle felt grooves.
  1. 10 meters sample groove will be sent if needed.
    This new groove widely used in European filter bag manufacturers. Fully support will be provided if customers would like to try.



  1. Filmedia Snap Ring Grooves are suitable for all kinds of pulse jet bags.
  2. Polyester material grooves can be used for normal temperature resistance filter bags.
  3. Fiberglass material grooves can be used for high temperature resistance filter bags.

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