Automatic Sewing/ Hot Welding/ PTFE Tape Sealing Machine Line for Filter Bag

Fimedia Sewing Automatic Sewing Line for Filter Bag can meet the production requirements of sewing, gluing, hot melting, film pasting and other processes.
Max. Sewing speed: 10 m/min;
Suitable for stitching 120-300 mm diameter;
Capacity: 600pcs 6-meter-long filter bags in 8 hours.

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The Advantage of Our Automatic Sewing Line for Filter Bag

  1. The whole line can meet the production requirements of various processes such as sewing, gluing, hot welding, and PTFE taping.
  2. This line is equipped with a brand-new fabric forming mold, which is suitable for sewing or welding of various specifications of filter bag body, with good forming effect and stable seam width.
  3. The sewing machine includes an automatic stop device for automatic detection of broken threads, and automatic stop when abnormal thread breaks.
  4. Adopt positioning device, precise film location; linkage work, automatic film application.
  5. Special heating device, the temperature can reach 700℃, the temperature fluctuates ±2℃, which can be applied to the film sealing of pure PTFE filter bag.
  6. This line includes a stripping machine and a film debris collection device, and no problem with membrane material hot welding.
  7. This line’s work roller is covered with low-hardness polyurethane, which has good flexibility and is not easy to damage the PTFE membrane on the surface of the filter material.
  8. The main body adopts aluminum profile structure, the installation is firm and the operation is stable.
  9. This whole line is equipped with high-power cutter motors and alloy steel blades, which can easily cut PTFE and woven fiberglass filter bags.
  10. Choose programmable control system, servo control system, frequency conversion control system, so the equipment failure rate is extremely low.


Basic Parameters

  1. Power: 2.0kw.
  2. Rated voltage: AC380V, rated frequency: 50~60HZ.
  3. Dimensions: 16000×800×1800mm.
  4. Sewing speed: 0~10m/min,
    Gluing speed: 0~10m/min,
    Hot welding speed: 0~12m/min,
    PTFE taping speed: 0~10m/min.
  5. Compressed air pressure: 4~5kg/cm².


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