Thickeners (HNS& HBT Series)

First, now the landresources are more precious, traditional thickening pool covers a relatively large area, construction cost is high,thickening effect is not very stable, which needs more polymer amount. The costof running in the late phase will be very high. The thickener covers arelatively small area, the construction cost and the flocculant requirement areboth small, thus the operation cost will be reduced.

Second, now the laborcost is the most expensive. The biggest advantage of thickeners is achievingfully automatic operation, without the need for personnel on duty, but also toensure the work efficiency.


1.HNS Series Rotary Drum Thickener

An HNS series thickeners works with a rotary drum thickening process to obtain a high solid content treatment effect.


  1. Higher than 96% solid recovery rate
  2. Steady operation with little to no noise
  3. Easy operation and maintenance ensures a long service life
  4. The perfect thickening effect can easily even out the varying sludge concentrations
  5. A 40% output capacity is larger than other machines that occupy the same amount of floor space
  6. The costs of land, construction and labor are all saved as this machine takes up less floor space with its simple structure, small flocculent requirements and fully automatic operation.

Working Principle

The slurry and flocculating polymer are poured into the conditioning tank of the rotary drum sludge thickener for uniform agitation. Then, the hardly dehydrated floc granules are formed, and flow into a drum for sludge-water separation. The conditioned sludge is guided into the fine mesh of the drum. A large amount of supernatant free water will be filtered, when a centrifuge rotates slowly under conditions of the rotational speed of 22r. p. m. and power of 0.37kW per unit.

As a result, the slurry is thickened. The processing capacity of our rotary drum sludge thickener is improved, and the operating time is shortened. The separated sludge can highly reduce the load of the belt for permeating water. Meanwhile, the sludge group is constructed firmly. No sheet-flood or side-overflow phenomenon will occur. Then, the dehydration efficiency is enhanced, and the water content rate is lowered. After separation, the solids content of the free water varies from 0.5‰ to 1‰, which is closely related with the dosage and types pf the polymer.

The semi-centrifugal rotary drum thickener can filter the free water by means of external force. It has high requirements for the polymer and the binding force of sludge. In comparison with the belt thickening machine, our rotary drum sludge thickener can offer the thickened sludge with lower water content. The sludge with its water content of over 1.5% is a better choice.

Belt Cleaning Device of the HNS Conditioning Tank

The filter cloth imported from Germany features great air permeability, practical use, and long lifespan.

The sludge outlet and perspective window of the HNS-80 series rotary drum sludge thickener are specially designed for observing the operation of our equipment.


For the various Industry Waste Slurry pre-thickening Treatment.

For the solid and liquid separation of the industrial processing treatment of the paper&pulp, Fiber, Chemical, Food, Plastic, Metallurgy, Mining… etc. Industries.

For the raw material processing filtering-recovering of the brewing, flavoring, stuffing, starch factory and the various food-processing factory.

The filtering before tap-water intaking, the filtering-recovering of the rainwater.

The solid and liquid separation of the fruit processing industry, vegetable processing industry.

The engineering drainage and large-size water treatment of the municipal sewage, paper&pulp industry sewage, fiber industry sewage, chemical industry sewage… etc.

The filter- removing of the dross pellet of the winery industry, pickled industry.

Technical Data


2. HBT Series Gravity Belt Thickener

An HBT series thickener works with a gravity belt type thickening process in order to obtain a high solid content treatment effect. Polymer costs are reduced due to the lowered number of flocculants required than a rotary drum thickener, through this machine takes up a slightly larger floor space. It is ideal for sludge treatment when the sludge concentration is below 1%.


  1. Suitable for a variety of sludge types, even when the moisture content within the sludge is 99.6%.
  2. Greater than 96% solid recovery rate.
  3. Steady operation with little to no noise.
  4. Easy operation and maintenance ensures the long service life.
  5. The sludge thickener perfects the thickening process even when the sludge concentration varies.
  6. There is a 40% larger output capacity than other machines that occupy the same amount of floor space.
  7. Costs for land, construction, operation and labor are lowered due to the smaller space occupation, simple structure, less flocculants required and fully automatic operation.


Our gravity belt sludge thickener comes with superior quality gearmotor, rollers, filtering belt, and robust construction. It is also installed with stainless steel nozzles to clean the belt during operation, which can guarantee the continual performance of the belt thickener. The belt is aligned by the air cylinders automatically during the operation. It is tensioned either by mechanical springs with low investment, or by air cylinders for automatic operation.

Working Principle

The gravity belt sludge thickener depends on the gravity force to remove water from the sludge through a single woven cloth belt. Firstly, the slurry and flocculating polymer are evenly mixed in the conditioning tank. They become solid floc granules that can be easily dewatered after agitation. Then, they flow into the gravity drainage zone.

The flocculated sludge is uniformly distributed on the filtering belt. During the operating of belt, free water is removed from sludge by gravity through a fine mesh of the filtering belt. During the moving of sludge, special plows continuously turn and distribute the sludge across the width of the belt. The residual free water is further eliminated to achieve the sludge thickening process. In this way, the gravity belt sludge thickener allows both processing time and water content rate to be greatly reduced.

After filtration, the solids content of free water ranges from 0.5‰ to 1‰, which is closely related with the types and dosage of the polymer purchased.


For the various industrial waste slurry pre-thickening treatment.

For the solid and liquid separation of the industrial processing treatment of the paper&pulp ,fiber, chemical, food, plastic, metallurgy, mining…etc. Industries.

Technical Data



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