Asymmetric Metallic Filtration Membrane

Filmedia® products asymmetric metallic filtration membrane, is consists of a thin layer giving the filter performance that is coated on one or more coarser support layers, therefore forming a multiple layered structure.


Optional fibers: 316L and 304L stainless steel, nickel based high temperature alloys, or other metal fibers Outer diameters: up to 200mm
Length: up to 1200mm
Features: higher permeability, good back flushing performance, long service life, excellent mechanical strength, stability, etc. Due to the surface filtration mechanism, the coarser support material renders the mechanical stability without increasing the pressure drop considerably. Compared to ordinary sintered porous metal filters, this type of structure increases performance in terms of longer service life, better back flushing function, better filtration ability, and higher permeability.

Features of asymmetric metallic filtration membrane:

  • Higher permeability due to asymmetric structure;
  • Good back flushing performance because of surface filtration mechanism;
  • Long service life and excellent mechanical strength;
  • High filtration ratings and stability.

Standard materials of asymmetric metallic filtration membrane:

  • AISI 316L and 304L stainless steel;
  • Nickel based high temperature alloys;
  • For other available materials, please consult with our company.
  • Asymmetric metallic filtration membrane can be produced as tubes, disks and flat sheets.

Technical data of asymmetric metallic filtration membrane:

Grade Filter rating(μm) Porosity(%) Bubble Point Pressure (Pa) Outer dia.(mm) Length(mm)
HPM-0.5AS 0.5 25 11900 up to 200mm up to 1200mm
HPM-1.0AS 1 30 8260
HPM-2.0AS 2 39 5200
HPM-5.0AS 5 40 4000

Note:For other materials and sizes, please contact us!(customizable)

Examples of main applications:

  • Filtration and recycling of various catalysts in petrochemical industry;
  • Gas and liquid filtration in lower micron range;
  • Other fine filtration.


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