Welding Machine

Length 1.4m    Seam Width(mm) 15
Width 1.2m     Gross Weight(kgs) 60
Height 0.6m
Material Thickness(mm) 0.5-2
Power(kw) 2.75
Air pressure(pa) 0.3-0.5
Max Temperature(℃) 640
Current(A) 20
Voltage(V) 220
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Main properties and application
1.Workers without auxiliary operation, automatic welding entire roll of cloth
2.By adjusting the size of the opening crimper can be realized in different bag diameter weld
3.Temperature, melt velocity, pressure rollers can be individually adjusted to accommodate different
welding materials
4.Hot air temperature control within ± 1 ℃, thus ensuring the quality of welding
5.Of polypropylene, polyester, PPS, plastic can be welded
6.Upper and lower roller synchronous feeding initiative, effectively prevent the upper and lower layers
of fabric layers move, dislocation

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