Gas Turbine Filter Cartridge

Gas turbine filter cartridge produced in our company has filtration efficiency more than F9, with superfine fiberglass filter material, double-layer design and good air permeability. We supply 7 kinds of gas turbine filter cartridge for your collection.


Properties and Features

1.Imported superfine fiberglass filter material ,double-layer design,stiffness ,good air permeability,dust nano filtration,efficiency more than F9, to ensure the normal operation of gas turbine.
2.The rubber sealing ring of stability ,good rebound to ensure the sealing effect.
3.Metal end cap and frame electric galvanized treatment, acid and alkali corrosion,not rust
4.Adopt the wide range design, the max of the filter cylinder air permeability
5.The bottle of rubber seal installed with the gasket, so that the performance more reliable


Types Shape External diameter Inner diameter Length Surface filtration
Type 1 Cylinder φ324mm φ213mm 559mm 18m²
Type 2 Cylinder φ352mm φ213mm 660mm 21m²
Type 3 Cylinder φ324mm φ213mm 700mm 22.3m²
Type 4 Cylinder φ324mm φ213mm 735mm 23.5m²
Type 5 Cylinder φ408mm(φ445mm) φ293mm(φ330mm) 875mm 33.2m²
Type 5 Cylinder φ408mm(φ445mm) φ293mm(φ330mm) 559mm 21.6m²
Type 5 Cylinder φ324mm φ213mm 865mm 25m²


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