Special And Custom Designs Of Housing

Engineering Contractors and project teams in Process Companies commonly will find an off the shelf solution when looking for filtration systems. Where the project is very large or unusual, standard products may be far from the ideal so a bespoke system is needed. Waterfiltech Filters is well placed to satisfy both of these requirements.
Customization accepted.


Filmedia Filters offers one of the widest ranges of standard filter housings available today and with many in stock for immediate shipping. We also have the capability to fully support the Process Industries and their Engineering Contactors in to large and specialised projects. We have the design and project management capability to deliver both large and complex systems where required. We have delivered small one-off laboratory rigs for pharmaceutical applications, bespoke housings specially designed to fit perfectly into OEM’s machines, large skid or container based solutions for water treatment and oil & gas end users and many more.

Example successful projects include:

  • Six-off 2m diameter vessels, 10 Barg rated in carbon steel with glass flake lining and super duplex internals. These were also designed with a user friendly quick opening closure. These were for an injection water filtration project on a major offshore floating oil facilities in South America.
  • 40-foot container fitted out with multiple filter housings manifolded together and fitted with control valves and autovents. The container was also installed with instrumentationand control interface, electrical supply, lighting and ventilation. This is being used to ensure drinking water supplied in the UK meets public health and regulatory standards.
  • 750mm diameter titanium filter housing used as part of the water injection system on a North Sea fixed platform. The titanium construction provided superior corrosion resistance in one of the harshest environments along with a significant weight reduction.
  • Development of a bespoke housing with a unique closure design that provide significant benefits in ease of use. This provided a solution tailored to the customer’s requirements where no alternatives were commercially available.

Full Life Cycle Support – the Amazon Difference

Full support is offered in delivering a cost effective, fully functioning and optimal solution, from the moment of first enquiry. During initial discussions our experienced applications team liaise with the client to ensure they fully understand the project targets with the aim of offering the best solution. Following this Amazon prepares a detailed technical and commercial proposal for evaluation. Once agreement to proceed is obtained, a dedicated project engineer is appointed to act a co-ordinator and point of contact for the duration of the contract. Our documentation team shall ensure that a bespoke package to suit your individual requirements is supplied, which for large projects can run into hundreds of pages of material certificates, calculations, procedures, and test reports. As an expert in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels and supporting systems, as well as a manufacturer of filter media, Amazon are ideally placed to provide an optimal solution, ensuring cost, design and performance targets are fully realised.


Our experienced design team use the latest 3D modelling software to present a layout to the client prior to the commencement of manufacture. Pressure vessel calculations are carried our using a combination of proprietary and industry standard software, and housings can be offered to ASME VIII, ASME X, PD:5500, or EN:13445. For skid or container mounted systems full lift, load, and motion calculations can be carried out to meet with the most stringent requirements.


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