Sintered Titanium Filter

Sintered titanium filter adopts stainless ssstell 316 or 304 materials shell and sintered titanium filter cartridge. Therefore it has excellent mechanical properties, high and low temperature resistance and chemical stability. Filmedia ® can produce all kinds filter cartridge, besides we welcome customized order.


Technical data:

Filtration precision 0.45-30um
Filtration efficiency >99%
Working pressure <0.6MP
Working temperature <300℃
Workflow 0.15-30T/h


1.good airtight and not easy to be damaged. It can work regularly in bad conditions.
2.Without any adsorption and retention, and don’t change the previous media.
3.With the Non-toxic, non-magnetic, non-shedding, biological blending performance,the titanium rod filter is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry.
4.Small footprint and high temperature resistance.
5.Easy assembly and disassembly.
6.High filtration precision.


Model number Size Number Bore diameter(μm) Filter pressure(Mpa) Water flow(T/h) Size
ES-T-1 φ100 1 Optional 0.3 0.5 100×600
ES-T-2 φ180 3 Optional 0.3 1.5 280×850
ES-T-3 φ220 5 Optional 0.3 2.5 320×850
ES-T-4 φ280 7 Optional 0.3 3.5 440×850
ES-T-5 φ300 9 Optional 0.3 4.5 480×850
ES-T-6 φ350 12 Optional 0.3 6 540×850
ES-T-7 φ400 15 Optional 0.3 7.5 580×850
ES-T-8 φ450 17 Optional 0.3 8.5 650×850

Note: The filter media’s bore diameter is usually 0.5μm-100μm. 

Before you choose the sintered titanium filter, please refer to the following parameters:

1.Water flow
2. Temperature of filter media
3.Chemical property of filter media
4.Viscosity of filter media
5. Required accuracy


  • Corrosive liquids and gases • Cryogenic fluids • High viscosity solutions • Process steam • High temperature liquids and gases • Catalyst recovery

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