UF Single Bag Filter


Compared with other domestic single machine, UF single bag filter (also called UF single inner-filtration mechanical vibration dust collector) has the characteristics of economic efficiency and practicability, simple and compact structure, easy for installation, convenient for maintenance. It is mainly used for emission and dust collection in various storage and warehouse roofs, various conveying equipment, etc. In the combination of multiple machines, it can also be used for dust collecting devices continuous running on the working line, such as small grinding mills and crushers. The filter bag of the unit adopts polyester needled felt as filter material, with an inlet temperature of less than 120°C, an inlet concentration of 10g/Nm3 and an outlet concentration of less than 100mg/Nm3. If there is a special use, UF series can also provide the single bag filter with a stainless steel or aluminum structure and anti-corrosive and high-temperature resistance filter material.


Filter Structure


The basic structure is composed of the parts as below:

(1) Box: includes shell, filter bag, access door and tube sheet;

(2) Air-out system: includes draught fan and its matching motor and drive;

(3) Vibrating mechanism: includes vibrating and decelerating electrical machine, driving lever, connecting rod, vibrating shaft, etc.;

(4) Air intake and ash discharge parts: It can be divided into three types:

① UF (STD) Type: Its bottom is connected to the ash hopper, mainly used as dust source of storage house bottom and conveying equipment.

②UF (FB) Type: It is equipped with ash storage box, mainly used for gas purification of the air vent with low concentration.

③UF (FM) Type: Its bottom is open, tube sheet flange is directly located in the air outlet of storage bin and storehouse, and air is directly discharged into the filter bag through the tube sheet hole. When deashing, dust is directly discharged from the tube sheet hole, and enters into the storage bin, storehouse, etc.


Operating Principle


Dusty gas enters into the ash hopper or the ash storage box in three ways, namely, from the air inlet, passing through the tube sheet hole, or directly passing through the tube sheet hole; and then enters into the filter bag for filtration. The purified gas enters into the box, and then is discharged by the fan from the upper air outlet through the box. Dust on the inner surface of the filter bag is increasing, so the resistance of the bag filter is rising. When the resistance is up to 1200-1600Pa, the filter bag should be deashed for recycling. When deashing, at first, close the fan, and then start up the vibrating motor, under the eccentric action of the vibrating motor, drive the connecting rod, to make the vibrating shaft turn back and forth. At this time, the filter bag is in the corrugated state, peeling and discharging dust. After ash removal, stop vibrating, restart the draught fan, and make the bag filter start working.


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