Stainless Steel Cartridge

Stainless steel cartridge also can be called corrugated candle filter. It is made of different diameter felt, has good strength, high temperature resistant, it not easy to fall off, easy to clean, and it is economic.


Stainless steel cartridge mainly adopts stainless steel sintered fiber felt and stainless steel woven mesh, processed by folding wave technology. Stainless steel sintered cartridge can be made of multi-layer structure, has high porosity, high dirty holding capacity.
Outside Dia.: 30~180mm
Length: 100~1200mm
Pleat Ht: 5~25mm
Filter rating: 0.5~150μm
Connector: Thread flange or ring sealing
Filter medium: 2-layered, 3-layered or more wire mesh composites
Inner support: perforated plate or spiral tube inner support

Features of stainless steel cartridge:

  • Stable dimensions.The ability to withstand alternative forces and shock resistance is superior to other metal filtration media;
  • Stable filtration efficiency and permeability;
  • Superior mechanical strength, and suitable to be used in high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive applications; especially suitable to high temperature gas filtration;
  • Shapes and precision can be customized according your requirements, connectors can be welded onto tubes;
  • Good filtering performance;
  • Good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance;
  • Stainless steel filter pore uniform, accurate filtering precision; flow rate per unit area is large;
  • Suitable for low temperature, high-temperature environment; can be reused after cleaning.

Specification of stainless steel cartridge :

Grade Outer dia.(mm) Length(mm) Connection thread Tail thread Filtration area(m²)
C-60A 60 1239 M42*2 M8 0.86-1.00
C-60B 60 1215 M42*2 M8 0.84-0.97
C-60C 60 900 M36*3 M8 0.63-0.68
C-35A 35 425 3/4’’ 16UNF or M20*1.5 M5 or M6 0.17-0.20
C-35B 35 485 3/4’’ 16UNF or M20*1.5 M5 or M6 0.20-0.23
C-35C 35 525 3/4’’ 16UNF or M20*1.5 M5 or M6 0.22-0.25

Examples of main applications:

  • Polymer filtration, petrochemical industry;
  • Electronic high temperature gas dust removal;
  • Machinery and equipment of various hydraulic oil, lubricating oil precision filtration;
  • All kinds of liquid clarification filtration in medicine, biology, beverages industry.

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