Nanometer Dust Collector Filter Cartridge

We use nano fiber to produce Nanometer dust collector filter cartridge and ensure the filtration efficiency level of F7-F9  with good performance of removing the anti purge process of small particles.


Properties and Features

1.Imported nano fiber filter material, using nano fiber and wood fiber composite
2. Can highly remove the anti purge process of small particles
3. The filtration efficiency level of F7-F9
4. The filter material Strength iS high, the Stiffness is good, has the outstanding moisture resistance

Application scope

Manly for large flow, high precision air purification and dusk control.


Types External diameter Inner diameter Length Surface filtration
Type 1 φ324mm φ213mm 660mm 21m²
Type 2 φ324mm φ213mm 1000mm 28m²
Type 3 φ352mm φ241mm 660mm 23m²
Type 4 φ352mm φ241mm 1000mm 30m²


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