Flame Retardant Dust Collector Cartridge

Using the latest technology, we produce Flame retardant dust collector cartridge which has excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for dry dust with high efficiency.                        Size:φ324*16*600
Filtration level:F8
Filtration area: 9 m ²
Test wind speed:  0.8m/s
Highest temperature:120℃


Product use

1.Suitable for filtration of flammable and explosive dust, such as rubber, carbon, coal, chemical industry etc.
2.Efficient filtration for all kinds of dust removal system.
3.Suitable for dry dust, dust removal effect is obvious.

Properties and Features

1.Imported polyester fiber flame retardant treatment, no fire.
2.The wide fold design increases the filtering area.
3.Excellent chemical resistance.
4.Replacement and installation of quick and convenient.


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