Roll Slitting Machine

This machine can slitting all kinds of filter fabrics, special designed for filter non-woven and woven fabric slitting.
Features of Roll Slitting Machine:
1. Reasonable design and easy – operating screen
2. Save labor cost and increase work effective for factory
3. Fabric width can be adjusted according filter bags dimension
4. Fabric cutting edge is much smooth and beautiful
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Optional model:


There are four parts of Roll Slitting Machine :

Feeding part Inspection part
Cutting part Rolling part

Basic Parameters

Power 3.5kw
Rated Voltage AC380V
Rated Frequency 50-60HZ
Dimension 3500X3200X2350mm
Slitting Speed 0-30m/min
Max. Slitting Width 2.3m
Compressed Air Pressure 4-4.5kg/cm²

Main Functions

  1. Suitable for slitting a variety of organic fiber and inorganic fiber filter materials.
  2. Photoelectric sensor correction function.
  3. Length recording function.
  4. With tension control mechanism, the tension of the filter material is constant, and the cutting width is consistent.
  5. Intelligent centralized control, humanized design, more convenient to use.

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