Straight-Through Electromagnetic Pulse Valves

DMF-T electromagnetic pulse valves are straight-through valves.The inclined angle between its air inlet and outlet is 180°(the center line of the air inlet and that of the air outlet are on the same straight line). They are suitable for connecting the air inlets with the air cylinders, or the air outlets with the blow tubes. With a smooth air flow, they can provide an efficient, dust-cleaning air pulse.

Type Definition


Type DMF-T-20 DMF-T-25S DMF-T-40S
Diaphragm Diameter (mm) Ø96 Ø112 Ø127
Flow Coefficient(Kv/Cv) 15.78/18.42 18.55/21.65 45.62/53.24
Blowing Area (m2) 3.5-6 8-10 12-16
Air Inlet/Outlet Size G3/4’’G3/4’’ G1’’G1’’ G1½’’G1½’’
Weight (kg) 0.8 1.4 1.8


Type DMF-T-50S DMF-T-62S
Diaphragm Diameter (mm) Ø160 Ø202
Flow Coefficient(Kv/Cv) 50.77/59.25 111.67/130.32
Blowing Area (m2) 18-28 27-38
Air Inlet/Outlet Size G2’’G2’’ G2½’’G2½’’
Weight (kg) 2.8 4.1


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