Powder Metal Filter

By adjusting particle size and distribution, Filmedia® Everspring are capable of producing a series of powder metal filters with a wide range of filtration ratings. Powder metal filter also can be called sintered filter pipe, sintered  metal powder filter element.


Standard materials of powder metal felt:

  1. AISI 316L and 304L stainless steel
    2. Nickel based high temperature alloys, INCONEL 600/625
    3. Hastelloy B,C,and X

Specification of powder metal felt:

  1. Outer diameters from Φ20mm to Φ200mm
    2. Length up to 1200mm, and longer filters achieved by welding
    3. Filter rating from 0.5μm to 50μm
    Note:For other materials and sizes, please contact us!(customizable)

Features of powder metal felt:

  1. Stable dimensions.The ability to withstand alternative forces and shock resistance is superior to other metal filtration media;
    2. Stable filtration efficiency and permeability;
    3. Superior mechanical strength, and suitable to be used in high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive applications;
    4. Especially suitable to high temperature gas filtration;
    5. Products can be produced as tubes. Connectors can be welded onto tubes.

Technical data of powder metal felt:

Grade Filter rating(μm) Porosity(%) Bubble Point Pressure(Pa) Outer dia.(mm) Length(mm)
HPM-0.5 0.5 25 12700 up to 200mm up to 1200mm
HPM-1.0 1 30 8460
HPM-2.0 2 39 5500
HPM-5.0 5 40 4100
HPM-10 10 42 2500
HPM-20 20 45 1620
HPM-40 40 50 1050

Examples of main applications:

  1. Filtration and recycling of a variety of catalysts;
    2. Filtration of high temperature off-gas in petrochemical industry;
    3. Filtration of hot off-gas in metallurgical industry;
    4. Retention of particles from off-gas of fluidized beds;
    5. Fine dust and off-gas filtration in coal and nuclear power plant.

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