Corrosion Resistant Housing

Filmedia is a leading supplier of filter housings to a wide range of industries including many where effective filtration of chemical products is critical to their operations. Where highly corrosive chemicals such as concentrated acids are being processed, specialised housings such as those manufactured with an internal coating or made from exotic alloys such as hastelloy may be considered.
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Tantaline Corrosion Resistant Housing Range


A selection of housings ranges can be modified to provide a surface that is composed of pure Tantalum metal. This produces a product that has far greater resistance to many corrosive chemicals than nickel alloys such as Hastelloy and a significantly more robust surface finish than coated housings.

The use of Tantaline vapour deposition for protection against chemical attack is already being used for a range of process equipment including valves, pipework fittings, couplings and pump impellers. Amazon Filters is the first company to offer stainless steels housings that utilise this technology.

It is more suitable than nickel alloys for a range of chemicals including:


  • hydrogen iodide
  • hydrogen sulphide


and various acids such as :


  • hydrochloric
  • sulphuric
  • nitric
  • phosphoric
  • formic
  • acetic


Unlike coating technology the deposition process produces a surface that does not suffer from separation, peeling or flaking. The Tantaline alloy deposition is approximately 50 µm deep and typically a depth of only 10 µm is needed for protection, therefore significant safety margin is built into the design.

Price is available on application, but generally lead times and prices are similar to existing hastelloy variants.


PTFE Housings


Housings are manufactured from PTFE so exhibit exceptional resistance to the widest range of chemicals. This range consists of two variants, one made from pure unfilled PTFE and one made from carbon filled PTFE. The carbon filled PTFE housing is conductive so reduces the risk of static build-up and discharge and therefore is particularly attractive for processes operated in potentially explosive atmospheres.




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