Whole Sewing Machine Product Line For Producing Filter Bag

This is the whole producing line for making filter bag, any questions please send us email directly!
Experienced workers can make 1000 pcs standard filter bags 8 hours a day!
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Why choose us

Filmedia’s initially specialized in designing and manufacturing of sewing machine. We have rich experience and sophisticated technology system in the design and production of the sewing machine.
Complying with the huge demand of environmental protection industry for air filtration media, since 2009, the company has been committing to the design of automatic filter tube production line. After five years of continuous improvement, so far it has developed to the THIRD GENERATION of molding equipment and technically reaching maturity. Now we have been far ahead and reached the international advanced level.
In order to fullfill complete solution to filter bag making, our company introduce, develop and upgrade various machine models. With mature technology and good after-sales service, our products are exported to Europe, South American, Africa market and etc..


During these processing , the slitter rewinder fabric roll cut the whole yardage roll and then the finished roll send to Automatic sewing line to produce semi-finished filter bag.Meanwhile , if you have more workers , you can also make the snap band , punched disc and  fabric strip slitting at the same time. This can greatly improve work efficiency.


During these processing, we need 4 machines(long arm sewing machine with double needle , short arm sewing machine with single/double needle , flat table sewing machine with double needle , feed-off-the arm sewing machine) to sew the filter bag which have already produced by the pre-processing.
These kinds of  machine can be suitable for different shapes of filter bags.


If you donot need sew the fiter bag, you also can choose the welding machine , which can joint without any needle.

Liquid filter bag

However , we also have 2 kinds of machines for sewing water filter bag, they are ultrasonic welding machine and overlock sewing machine.



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