Silicone Coated Fabric

Product Code  :  ES-SCCF1500
ES-SCCF1500 is a double-sided silicone tape coated with a reusable silicone compound and heat resistive silicone adhesive. It is specifically designed to temporarily fix FPC or tiny components to carrier jig during SMT processing. Easy-to-clean silicone coated fabric is cost-effective due to its reuse even in high temperature environments.


Physical Properties:

  1. Thickness : 1 mm
  2. Total weight (g/m2) :1500
  3. Weight of fiberglass fabric (g/m2) : 852
  4. Double side with silicone coated
  5. Tensile strength (N/5 cm )      Warp :  ≥5500  Weft :  ≥ 5000
  6. Width ( m ) : 1.5
  7. Operation temperature range ( ℃ ) : – 50 ~ 250

Features & Benefits :

  • Excellent dimensional stability at high temperature
  • (No distortion, shrinkage/expansion at 260℃ continuous usage condition.)
  • Superior adhesion and holding power of silicone adhesive
  • No adhesive residue after removal
  • Longer life time of silicone resin side
  • Easy cleaning using cleaning roller allows extended lifetime
  • Good surface flatness allows the whole area of FPC to be fixed
  • Adhesion level of silicone compound can be controlled for customer’s requirement

(Low – Moderate – Standard – High – High2 – High3)

  • Excellent cut & die-cut properties
  • Easy fixing and easy removal
  • Provides flexibility for carrier design


  1. SMT Process

– Reflow Soldering of FPC, Thin Rigid PCB & Rigid-flex PCB, etc

2.Assembly Process (including curing, wire bonding, etc) 

– MEMS Microphone

– Camera Module, Vibration Motor

– Wireless LAN Module, GPS Module

– RF Module

– Accelerometer Sensor, Gyro Sensor

– Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, etc.

– Flip Chip Mounting Process

– Flip Chip Mounting

3.LED Packaging Process

– LED Chip Bonding, Wire Bonding, Molding, etc.

4.Display Panel Process

– Carrier of LCD Panel, OLED Panel

– Temporary Fixing of Touch Panel

– Detaching Protection Films from LCD Panel

or Polarizing Film

– Probe Station

– Fixing of Electrostatic Chuck

5.Substrate Manufacturing Process

– Dicing of LTCC, CSP or Inductor substrates

– MLCC Termination

– Micro-polishing of Thin Package Substrate


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