ZC Rotary Blowback Flat Bag Filter


ZC rotary blowback flat bag filter is a kind of advanced and efficient flat bag filter, with a compact structure, small resistance, simple operation, convenient for maintenance and reliable operation, and is widely applied in the flue gas purification and dust recycling system of metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, foundry, food processing and other industries.


Upper box: includes head cover, access door, upper cover rotating device, upper cylinder and air outlet.

Middle box: includes air inlet, tube sheet, central cylinder, filter bag assembly, observation door and lower fixing frame.

Lower box: includes support, ash hopper, manhole door, speed reducer and ash discharge valve.

Blowback deashing mechanism: includes rotary blowback pipe, blowback fan, retarding mechanism.

Operating Principle

Working condition of filtration: Dusty airflow tangentially enters into the upper space of the filtering chamber of the filter. Under the action of centrifugal force, larger dust particles gathering spirally fall into the ash hopper along the cylinder wall, and small dust particles diffusing in the gap between filter chambers are retained by the filter bag. Clean air comes to the cleaning chamber through the mouth of the filter bag on the tube sheet, and is inhaled by the fan and discharged into the atmosphere.

Working condition of recycling: Blowback airflow with enough momentum is injected into the entry guide of the filter bag through the nozzle of the rotatory blowback injection pipe, blocks and filters airflow, changing the working condition inside the filter bag, from the negative-pressure working condition to the positive-pressure working condition. The filter bag is in the expanding state from the flat state, so that dust adhering to the outer wall of the filter bag falls in the hopper, and is discharged through the ash discharge valve.


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