Corrugator Belt

Filmedia® provides the first grade corrugator belt with our advanced equipment by experienced engineers. Our corrugator belt is for corrugated board production line ,Raw Meal and developed specially for Double Facer.
Thickness: 6 mm, 9 mm ,9.5 mm,10 mm and other customized thickness.
Width: can be customized.



Corrugator belt also named Corrugated board conveyor belt. Filmedia Everspring’s Corrugator belt is for corrugated board production line and developed specifically for Double Facer. Conveyor’s four functions are smooth cardboard delivery, straight run, the pressure evenly distributed pressure in the system to ensure the best hot plate and cardboard dryness. Corrugator belt have been specially developed for the transport of board and optimization of the drying process ,they resist the stress continuously and achieve as long a life as possible. The patented weave structure guarantees correct gluing and fast drying of the board. The use of high quality PET-fibers enable the belt to shed very rapidly the moisture absorbed during the drying process.


Normal High speed corrugator belt High speed corrugator belt with Kevlar


Heat resistance Under 200°C,accepts short time pressure
255°C is melting point
Tension Warp 18KN/40mm
Weft 19KN/40mm
Air permeability 1.5 X103cm3/(cm2.min.Kpa)
Min.winding radius R70(mm)
Lifetime 750 working days or 45 million meters carton board
Weight 7.6+0.2kg/m2


(1) Good air permeability
(2) Water absorption
(3) Wearable
(4) Geometric stability
(5) No shrinkage
(6) Long lifetime: 750 working days or 45 million meters carton board
(7) High speed corrugator belt with Kevlar : Yellow color ,both side add 15cm – 30cm . The purpose is to increase performance of anti -high temperature and increase service life.


Used in paper plate making factory, packaging industry. If you want to see more information about CORRUGATOR BELT, please here. It will provide more details about corrugator belt.


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