Snap Band

Capacity: 3 Ton/day
Optional materials: carbon steel snap band, stainless steel snap band
Diameter: can be customized
Width: can be customized
Thickness: can be customized



  1. High abrasion resistance, superior toughness
  2. Good corrosion resistance
  3. Excellent oxidation resistance


  1. Stainless steel snap band have better chemical resistances than Carbon steel snap band. It is usually used in Acrylic PPS P84 PTFE bag mouth which can extend the working life of bags.
  2. Carbon steel snap band is more economic than stainless snap band. It can be used in Polyester, Fiberglass, FMS, Nomex/aramid bag mouth which can lower cost of bag without any influence of bag service life.

How to customize products?

According to customer demand, size can be customized. please tell us thickness, width and diameter. Contact us!


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