Electromagnetic Pulse Valve And Pulse Valve

The electromagnetic pulse valve (also called the diaphragm valve) is the compressed air “switch” of the dust-cleaning jet system of the pulse bag-house. Controlled by the output signal of the pulse jet controller, they realize jetting dust cleaning for the bag filter row by row (or chamber by chamber) to keep the operating resistance of the bag-house within the set range, thus guaranteeing the high processing ability and dust-collecting efficiency of the bag-house.

Brief Introduction

The electromagnetic pulse valves developed, produced and sold by the Company include:

  • Right-angle electromagnetic pulse valves
  • Embedded electromagnetic pulse valve and pulse valve
  • Right-angle nut type electromagnetic pulse valves
  • Straight-through electromagnetic pulse valves
  • 6’’-16’’ large-diameter electromagnetic pulse valves
  • Corresponding pulse valves (pneumatic valves)

Technical Data

Operating Pressure 0.1-0.8Mpa(Recommended 0.2-0.6 Mpa)
Working Medium Clean Air
Voltage DC24V AC110V AC220V
Current 1A 0.46A 0.23A
Temperature Level 1   3
-25℃ – 80℃   -25℃ – 230℃
-13°F -176°F   -13°F -446°F
Relative Humidity of Air ≤85%
Degree of Protection IP65
Life Expectancy One million blows or 3 years
Notes:1. Both the electromagnetic pulse valves and the pulse valves may be installed with a muffler.

2. The electromagnetic pulse valves may be installed with a certified explosion -proof solenoid.

3. The pulse valves (pneumatic valves) may be connected with hoses with a diameter of 6, 8, 10mm, etc.


Body Aluminum Alloy
Clamp Spring Stainless Steel
Pilot Component Stainless Steel, etc.
Diaphragm Nitrile RubberFluoro Rubber(High Temperature Valve)
Spring Stainless Steel
Fastener Stainless Steel
Notes:1. According to testing results given by Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology, the valves comply with the technical requirements in GB4208-2008.

2. All the diaphragms are imported and finished with quality as high as that of imported diaphragms. All the diaphragm components are inspected during manufacturing and only those conforming are accepted in the assembly line. After electrical and compressed air components air connection, a blowing test is done for each finished valve.


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